Import – Export Services

Our company targets to carry the logistic more technologic, faster, more high level with dynamic staff who provides service for import and export’s continuity in Balkan States and who is a strong our channel with agency supports.

Customs Organization Services

Our company gets ahead the fastest way possible and with securest step on customs services with our staff has experience coming from the past and provides continuity.

Partial Organization Services

We thought division of the customer cost will be more helpful because the cost is the important problem for our customers at the present time and we have developed significantly on this services ourselves. Please don’t be worried about the issue which you will get service at the high quality and professionally on our partial services. We think always the best one for you.

Forwarder Organization Services

We, as Koza Transport which worked for being securest company, desire and make an effort to be the transport company you need to call firstly for your loadings. We provide this organization service to you for carrying the securest and faster delivery for your loadings in our vehicles under our company’s control and by self-owned vehicle.

Hanging Textile Transportation

We have been performing this service which was given by our as partial and complete for carrying more careful and safer to your textile products and your goods by way of mechanism with hanger in our vehicle.